Sunetra Basu is a Reiki Master Teacher and White Light Healing Meditation Founder and Teacher who teaches Reiki and extraordinary yet simple ten minute healing method suitable for all.  This method or practice called White Light Healing Meditation that Sunetra teaches was gifted to her in deep meditation and has been bringing immense, often miraculous healing in health and in life situations. Anyone above fourteen years of age, located in any part of the world can very easily take this course and get both trained and empowered by Sunetra to practice and heal amazingly fast with this natural and simple method.

A mother of two little angels and wife of an amazingly kind-hearted man, Sunetra spreads joy with wonderful Angel Guidance, and with REIKI  and White Light Healing Meditation Courses, to bring pain relief and to enable complete chakra healing, relief from stress, anxiety, depression, anger, to experience a life of health, abundance and inner peace.

Sunetra had been serving as a healing channel since the year 2000. She completed her Reiki Master Degree in 2010 and started teaching healing courses in the USA right after that. Individuals have been hugely benefited by her healing sessions and her healing courses, especially, the simple ten minute method she teaches called White Light Healing Meditation Course all across the world, from all over USA and India, as well as across UK, France, UAE and Australia. You will find a few of them sharing their healing and learning experiences with Sunetra on the Testimonials page.

Sunetra applies the powerful gift of spiritual healing to teach her special healing meditation course to spiritual seekers and suffering individuals worldwide –

White Light Healing Course… This course perfectly aligns the student with White Light, the highest universal healing vibration, and Its divine source. White Light empowers and enables holistic natural healing through complete chakra healing in the practitioner to improve health and enhance all aspects of life significantly including health, wealth, work, relationships and spirituality for his/her highest good. White Light is extremely beneficial in healing mentally-emotionally sensitive or underdeveloped individuals, especially, sensitive children.