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Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy, the very fabric of all that we see in the tangible world. It is the subtle life force energy that each one of us, and every other living being already has. It is the invisible wave of ‘prana’, as we call it in Sanskrit, that flows through each and every living being as ‘life’ itself. Reiki is nothing new to us. It is what keeps us alive, active and healthy.

The obvious question that now arises is… then why do we need to learn Reiki Healing and get attuned to it?

– Due to known and unknown reasons through the course of one’s life, this energy that keeps one alive and healthy, might get eroded, causing diseases of the mind and the body, and imbalances in various aspects of life. These reasons could be…

the day to day mental and emotional challenges we face and the consequent negative energies that build up within us due to the uncertainties, stress and fear, negative emotions like anger, jealousy, hatred, despair, and, contact with others bearing negative energies in their auras (we living beings have an invisible sheath of subtle energy enveloping the physical body that stores energies for us and passes them on to the body and mind; a strong positive aura ensures a healthy life), that often get transmitted into our auras while we interact with them within a radius of six meters).

A Reiki Master/Channel is especially trained and empowered to access, channel and redirect this energy into individuals… persons, animals and plants so as to…

  • replace the negative energies with positive energy from the universal reserve of life energy,
  • replenish the lost positive energies and bring up vitality to the optimal level of health,
  • repair damaged tissues, and to revive and reenergize the major and minor chakras (subtle energy centers), the physical body, and the mind, thus restoring wellbeing and health at optimal levels.

Reiki reaches deep within us healing all the chakras, organs, endocrine glands and the aura, thus providing a truly holistic natural healing solution for any individual of any age group. It works on anyone regardless of one’s exposure and inclination to energy healing, religion, caste, and intellectual backgrounds. It is completely noninvasive and safe even for a pregnant woman, a new born infant or a patient in the most critical physical or mental-emotional condition.

The result of a thorough Reiki healing session typically is relief from pain, disease, symptoms and the root cause of disease. A 21-day complete energy clearing and healing course ensures thorough and deep healing across all the chakras, the mind, body and the aura.

Reiki heals holistically at the physical, mental, and emotional levels, and helps attract huge positive changes into one’s life, bring back abundance, relief, peace, focus, vitality and happiness automatically.

The broad benefits of Reiki Healing are:

  • pain relief
  • healing disease of the body
  • healing chronic health conditions
  • heals acute or critical health conditions
  • pain management and recovery after surgery, chemo therapy, labor pain and others
  • significantly boosts immunity within a very short period of time
  • heals depression and negative mental patterns
  • restores inner balance and calm
  • heals stress, anxiety and anger issues
  • protects the aura and physical body from lower negative vibrations
  • prevents infections
  • balances energies across the major chakras
  • enhances intuition
  • sharpens the intellect
  • maintains high energy level, boosts inner joy and enables maximum productivity
  • increases focus and clarity
  • increases tenacity and improves performance
  • enhances positive qualities like patience and perseverance
  • increases efficiency, accelerates work pace
  • helps one fight and come out of addition by pacifying nerves, balancing chakras and reprogramming the mind against the addiction and repetitive looping thought patterns
  • facilitates rapid spiritual awakening
  • attracts material and spiritual resources in the form of the right people, right opportunities, finances and knowledge sources
  • manifests positive changes and inner transformation in the individual as a whole
  • manifests positive intentions
  • enables successful completion of projects, functions and ceremonies
  • resolves conflicts and strengthens relationships, both personal and professional

The most amazing aspect of Reiki is that it can reach you and heal you across time and space with super powerful symbols and focused intentions anywhere, anytime irrespective of your situation, location or circumstances in life.


Help and healing is just one step away… your consent is all it awaits!

With Love, Light and Reiki…
Sunetra Basu,
Reiki Master Teacher

RMT Sunetra Basu has been channeling Reiki to individuals, thus enabling healing of acute and chronic health problems, relationships, mental-emotional conditions and manifesting positive intentions since the year 2000 when she became a Reiki Channel. She became a Reiki Master in 2010 and has been teaching Reiki since 2011. Sunetra provides 21-day complete cleansing/healing sessions to individuals both remotely and in-person, as required. These sessions are directed to healing diseases and restore health, happiness and a life of abundance. She also teaches Reiki Courses – Reiki First Degree (Level 1), and, Reiki Second Degree (Levels 2) to individuals all over the world as Distant Courses.

Sunetra conducts special in person Reiki Classes exclusively for ladies.
Sunetra provides healing sessions with Reiki and Divine White Light.

If you wish to book healing sessions with her, please email the full name, location, and health problems of the individual to be healed to Healing sessions are each 30 minute in duration. One may book a single session, or, 3 sessions in a row, or, the complete 21 day energy clearing and healing course.
If you wish to sign up for Reiki Courses, please email Sunetra for available date/time to…

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If you wish to book the thorough 21-day cleansing/healing with Sunetra Basu, please email the full name, location, and health problems of the individual to be healed to  or use the email button below.

 Please make payment for the healing sessions only after getting a response to your email from Sunetra. All healing sessions are each 30 minute in duration, and one may book either 3 or 21 healing sessions.

 The 3 healing sessions package is priced at $20/ INR 1400 per session, and the 21-day thorough cleansing/healing sessions are priced at $15/ INR 1050 per session.

If you wish to book for Reiki in person classes or distant courses, please email Sunetra for available date/time to  or use the email button given below. The course fee for Reiki First Degree (Level 1) is $100/INR 7000, and the course fee for Reiki Second Degree (Level 2) is $200/ INR 14000.

Reiki Course and Healing Session payments can be made either via the PayPal buttons below, or via an alternate payment  facility that can be shared via email if needed.

1. Reiki Session – Single (Session Duration : 30 minutes) $20

2. Reiki Sessions – Three Days (Per Session Duration : 30 minutes) $45

3. Reiki Sessions – Seven Days (Per Session Duration : 30 minutes) $115

4. Reiki Sessions – The 21 Day Total Detoxification & Healing (Per Session Duration : 30 minutes) $315

5. Chakra Balancing Sessions (30 minutes per session) $55

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6. Reiki First Degree Course – Level 1 (Healing with Touch) $80

7. Reiki Second Degree Course – Advanced/Distance Healing $200