Spiritual Facts About Species, Divine Connections & Karma

Spiritual Facts About Species, Divine Connections & Karma

I believe all species have their own way of contacting the Divine. How could they not! Its their Source energy to go on.

Trees are the most holy of all. They spread all around them an aura of love, not only by giving in multiple ways and forms, but by radiating sacred vibrations of pure divine consciousness! They are higher souls born to give and to support. Their vibrations are so high and naturally healing that one could get deeply cleansed and attain great spiritual heights simply by staying in their company over a significant period of time.

Species whose life-paths are directly intertwined with them in the ecosystem, contribute to this sacred aura as well! Meditating, spending time and practicing spirituality amidst these wise old co-inhabitants of Mother Earth spontaneously opens up vital energy portals and clears the path of our chakras effortlessly, thus making way for steady and intense spiritual progress. I was personally blessed to get to stay amidst their blessing vibrations by the edge of thick woods for a stretch of over five years in the United States while these next door neighbors cast their enlightening spells on me… exposed me to rare sacred vibrations and cleansed me thoroughly even as I continued to serve the world extensively as a Reiki master Teacher back then.

It was an unconscious process that happened by divine providence.

Each soul inherits a whole set of energy vibrations from its previous lives and thus acquires its next birth species. The lion or the rat are an expression of the individual soul’s affinity towards qualities of existence and a manifestation of its level of grossness or subtlety, that is, the energies, heavier or lighter, that it mostly dwelled upon in previous birth(s). Each of us, having acquired this very rare human birth, as an aware human being, must therefore strive unyieldingly to dwell in loving nurturing thoughts of higher sacred vibrations, and seek the Light, the purest vibration of all, the mental illumination it brings with itself, to help us realize Truth without conditioning – intentionally overriding our animal instincts… that’s the unparalleled opportunity of a human birth… and that’s the challenge we face. But the challenge is surmountable.

With a single thought or intent to rise above oneself the soul will open a million doors to the Divine Light and attract Sacred Beings to guide and illuminate its path. They are all always there to assist each one, waiting to be asked for help.

It is all a play of Consciousness, the rise and the fall, the realization and the myth, the Truth and the ignorance. There is a network of manifesting energies… the mesmerizing Creative Wave of the Divine Mother, the Primal Wave of Creation, in Sanskrit…Mahamaya. She is the Divine’s Creative instinct. You could pray to be spared by Her, to rise above physical manifestation and beyond the otherwise irresistible attraction of desire (greed, lust etc.). But that would be granted to you ONLY if it were your very self-generated intent to rise above mortality and ignorance into the Eternal.

Your CONSCIOUS INTENT is the gear, the tail feather that redirects a soul’s journey into The Light.

The transformation happens once you are conscious of the process of creation and aware of your actual soul identity, of Truth as different from myth, fake necessities and manmade realities. That one first step of self intent to rise must occur. It always does in Divine perfect time. You could pray for Divine Grace to expedite its occurrence. The rest is an automatic timeless process well in place with countless helping Beings of Light guiding and shepherding you all along once you’ve intended to rise.

...Because Free Will is an irrevocable Divine Gift.

We as souls choose the life we get before birth… well, not exactly picking a species by name or form, but as per the cumulative energies of one’s mind and thoughts that one has dwelled in, one naturally attracts energies of the same frequencies that match the qualities, instincts and living conditions of a particular species, and within the species, of a particular destiny or life-path… for example, a street dog and a beloved pet dog could be entitled to very different set of vibrations, opportunities, resources and lives even though they belong to the same species, just as we human beings do. But life and life-path have gears and steering wheels and can be redirected away from the so called ‘destiny’ at any point once the being intends to rise above it. It is never a dead end, and nothing ever stops you other than yourself and your ignorance about your limitless access to any life you wish to live from here on.

The thought patterns, choices and energies we dwell in are collectively called Karma. According to your karma you live and take rebirth. And of course, you and only you can reconstitute your ‘karma’ with a conscious intention at any moment in time.

With love and light!…

~ Sunetra Basu

email: sunetra819@yahoo.com

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