Here are the much valued feedback and experiences of some of my students and clients who have taken Divine Light Healing Services from me. I am grateful to my students and clients who have shared their personal healing experiences here! I thank them from the core of my heart!… And I hope their stories will inspire many more individuals all over the world, giving them much support and assurance to embrace this joyful and auspicious journey of healing with divine White Light!

Welcome to the extraordinary experience of positive transformation and healing with the ten minute practice of White Light Healing Meditation.

  At your service with love and White Light!

~ Sunetra Basu


When I first came across Sunetra’s website, I was a bit skeptical about her and the attunement program she offers. My life was then a rollercoaster ride surmounting obstacles and predicaments every then and now with a toddler daughter with extreme speech delay and an ailing mother with violent outbursts as she cant cope with her disease. My fears were alleviated the first time I talked to Sunetra. She was so down to earth that I felt I was talking to my dearest friend. Thereafter she was always there to answer my  doubts and queries however insignificant it may be. I received both Quan Yin and WLHM from her. All I can assure is that the journey I embarked thereon was a wonderful one. I send White light to my daughter everyday and she is also included in Sunetra’s healing list. I could now see remarkable progress in her. All my fears tension ,anxieties are getting alleviated. Situations and circumstances which I earlier struggled with are improving in every way. Even my mother is very calm and serene which is nothing short of a miracle and my home is again the happy and peaceful space I have always prayed for. Thank you Sunetra for all the love and consideration extended to me and for rekindling my faith in the higher self and for opening up the realms of divinity to me..

Luv u always..., ~ C S, India, April, 2019.