White Light Healing Meditation

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…an outstanding healing method ~ a precious healing tool bringing relief from pain & recovery from disease & adversities to individuals around the world! ~

You can and will experience that which you have been seeking for a long time…

relief from pain & health issues, restoration of inner calm, and living in positivity, clarity, power and abundance with…

White Light Healing Meditation,

a course, a solution, a short and simple practice with many many rewards.

Any individual fourteen years and above in age, regardless of his/her background and exposure to healing and meditation, can very easily pick up and begin this amazing practice. This simple practice called White Light Healing Meditation was gifted to Sunetra Basu in deep meditation and has been bringing immense, and very often miraculous healing in health and in life situations in very short time. Anyone above fourteen years of age, located in any part of the world can very easily take this course and get both trained and empowered by Sunetra to practice and heal amazingly fast with this natural and simple method.

 Experience the healing method designed perfectly for a busy, fast life, that brings in most cases instant pain relief, inner calm, and with regular ten minute healing, relief from chronic and acute health problems, critical diseases and mental-emotional conditions, increased immunity, power, tenacity, increased appetite, sound sleep, mental balance, stability and overall abundance,

Heal conflicts in relationships and stagnation in professional path, remove obstacles in financial situations and blockages in other areas of life with…

 White Light Healing Meditation done for just ten minutes twice a day brings a world of difference to your health and life situations by Divine Grace…

 WHITE LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION founded by Master Healer-Teacher Sunetra Basu teaches a complete healing and meditation process that awakens your soul power… your own inherent Inner Divine powers to heal diseases and negative health conditions in you by aligning you consciously with the healing power of the Universal Divine, the Source of all creation, healing and love. It activates the power to reverse adverse situations, to cleanse energy blockages, to heal, reorganize and restore your vital life energies. WHITE LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION is a simple yet profound and natural healing method and is meant for beginners as well as those experienced in meditation. It is spiritual/Divine Light Healing at its best.

Sunetra Basu channels heal by the Divine Grace of White Light from her Guru Saibaba of Shirdi, the most powerful and all-inclusive healing wave of the Divine/Universal Super-consciousness. She uses this blessing to pass on this unique spiritual healing method to students all over the world for pain relief, complete chakra healing, positive life transformation, spiritual awakening, and manifestation of a life full of love, joy, health and abundance by His Grace.

Divine Grace can restore inner calm and perfect harmony and balance all across our chakras that naturally enables the restoration of health and quick recovery, leading individuals to a healthier, happier life, joyful work experiences and fulfilling relationships.

White Light Healing Meditation Course – $80